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Singapore Aerospace 2017


17 November 2016




创立于1994年,创值科技是一家以先进数字无线通信技术来从事产品研发与生产的高科技企业. 主要业务涉及移动卫星通信最终用户设备研发和相关的应用工程。 




= 我们的技术方案 x 我们的技术能力 x 卫星网络



WideyeTM(慧眼)是我们的产品品牌。凡是创值推出的产品都会以WideyeTM(慧眼)这品牌推销。需更多详情,请浏览 www.wideye.com.sg




12 March 18

KSAT and Addvalue join forces to enhance Spacecraft to Ground communication services

6 February 2018

Addvalue Collaborates With Huaan Xingke, A Beijing Technology Company, to develop Multi-mode Broadband Terminal

2 January 2018

Thuraya, Addvalue Gain Access to Russian Maritime Market

5 October 2017

Addvalue Enters Into New Partnership Targeting 500 Fishing Vessels

22 August 2017

Addvalue Teamed Up With A PRC Partner To Demonstrate Proof Of Concept For The First Outdoor Tourism Securities In Xinjiang Using Satcom IoT

18 August 2017

Addvalue’s Billing Platform Stands Ready to Offer Equipment-cum-Airtime Bundled Services

11 August 2017

Addvalue and Inmarsat sign agreement to launch Inter-Satellite Data Relay Service, a world’s first commercial on-demand communications service to support LEO satellite operations